Mar 31 2007

Surf Report: 31 March 2007

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little one gets into Dee Why
Report filed Mar-31 07:30
Hello Friends,

Good to see that we still have a little energy left in the tank for Sydney’s beaches. Not huge, mind you, but if the beach faces south, there are occasional sets into the chest high range. Both the tide and the wind are going to be a factor this morning. It’s kind of fat and full as I write this, and the SW wind is around 10-15 kts. As the day goes along, the wind is set to push up to 20-30 kts.

The outlook for the next 24 hours is for the swell to hang in there at about the current size, but as Sunday goes along, it looks like the energy levels will decrease into the marginal range. The wind isn’t going to be too friendly for Sunday according to the Bureau. It’s due to be out of the SE by midday. So make it earlier I’d say – and take the buoyant equipment.

Go well one and all.

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