Apr 01 2007

1 April 07 at Dee Why

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Dee Why this morning
Report filed Apr-01 09:56
Hello Friends,

Hmmm. Interesting. Yesterday’s winds pushed up a little swell overnight. A bit more than I’d figured, but close to the Goat’s call… anyway, the situation late morning is not too brilliant. Surface conditions are pretty messy looking at Dee Why, even though the wind is not coming from the worst direction for the place. It’s about 10-15 kts out of the SW right now, but the Bureau’s calling for it to swing through the eastern quarters, from se this morning around to ne this afternoon.

The swell was 10-12 sec from the SE at a couple metres and better during the night time hours, but now the period’s dropping and is currently around 9 seconds. As well the big sets are taking longer and longer to turn up for the abundant crowds.

So, a bit junky, pretty busy, but there are occasional head high sets at south east facing beaches this morning. They’ll probably dry up by tomorrow morning and then it looks to me as though we’re into a small start to April for the Sydney region.

Go well one and all!

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