Apr 02 2007

A nice Monday at Dee Why beach

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Nice little set wave at No Man's
Hello Friends,

Nice start to things at Dee Why today. There were waves of one sort or another all weekend, and they’re still here as I write this. Nothing huge or amazing, but they look pretty fun down at No Man’s and I’d bet a reasonable sum that it is only one such spot in the Sydney region today. Sets are turning up reasonably often too. Blue skies and light winds are adding the finishing touches to a very pretty picture.

Right now the swell is out of the SE at 1-3 metres. The all important period is sitting on 9 seconds. This is pretty much the same up and down the NSW coast too.

Wind right now is light and out of the NW, but the Bureau says it’ll swing around to the NE and pick up to 15-20 kts this afternoon.

General outlook is for the waves to get smaller over the next 24 hours. It doesn’t look as though it’ll go flat, but tomorrow could be not much above waist high. Again the Bureau says it should start out with light NW winds, but they will swing SE and the period, according to the models, will drop back to 5-6 secs. On Thursday the models are showing a possible little pulse of 10 sec period SE swell of about a metre. 10 sec @ a metre should mean around waist to chest high plus at exposed spots.

Well, enough out of me for now. Go well with your day!

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