Apr 03 2007

Tiny at Dee Why

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Hello Friends,

Yesterday at this time, average period in the Sydney region was about 9 seconds and the swell was 1-2 metres from the SE. This morning the MHL buoy is showing 7 seconds and 1-1.5m from the east. The difference in period means this morning’s waves are going about 5 kph slower than yesterday. There are a few bods in the water at DY as I write this, but there’s quite a wait for the knee to waist high little things.

Wind is set to be 13-18 kts from the S-SE through the day. Bureau says the skies will cloud up later and we could have thunderstorms this afternoon.

Outlook for the next few days according to the models is for small to flat conditions. They say we should see a wind blown and small south pulse come through the place on Friday, but then it looks like a return to smaller to flat into next week for much of NSW.

Bells kicks off today and it looks as though they should have a couple meters of south west swell and reasonably light southwest to southerly wind.

Go well with your day!little at DY this morning

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