Apr 07 2007

Sad old Saturday under gloomy skies

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moment of fun at DY
Hello Friends,

The short version this morning is… ordinary. As the day gets started, we have intermittent showers and SSW wind getting up to about 20 kts. The MHL buoy is showing 3-5 metres of sea and swell coming from the south with an average period of about 8 sec. Those numbers are translating into a junky, confused looking ocean. Mix in the murky, raining skies and you have a pretty compelling argument for staying in bed as long as possible this morning.

We’re set to have this showery weather in Sydney for another day, so the water quality is going to pretty ordinary through Weds at least.

General outlook for today and tomorrow, is more of the same. If anything, it’ll probably be a little smaller – and just as junky.

Go well one and all.
bodyboarder hooks one about 0800 at the point

beachy at 0800 looking uninspiring

waiting for coal...

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