Apr 08 2007

Messy day at Dee Why

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Junky stuff at DY pointDee Why beach
Hello Friends,

Another fairly ordinary day for surfin’ in Sydney. Hundreds are doing it, but if DY is a reasonable window on the conditions, there aren’t too many memorable moments going down. The beachy is pretty torn up looking. Sets are in the chest high range, maybe a touch bigger, but gee, it looks tricky to make more than a couple sections. At least as messy and confused, the point is roughly the same size for the hardy crew of immune system testers in that woofy looking water.

In the last 24 hours, the swell has dropped a bit to around 2m on average, swung to the SE and the period is down to about 8 sec. Wind is out of the SE and not too much of a factor as I write this, but the Bureau is calling for it to get up to 15-20 kts at times. The Bureau and the swell models agree that tomorrow will be smaller and weaker again with light SE winds.

The overall forecast trend for the Sydney region is weak and small until late Weds when the models are showing a significant pulse of long period (14+ sec!) coming in from the south and lasting for a couple days (if we’re lucky).

Have yourself a top old Easter Sunday!

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