Apr 12 2007

Thursday am, and not much swell

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0820: Dee Why beach is looking small and ordinary… but there could be juice on the way.

Hello Friends,

Huey’s humbled me again. I thought we might have some long period stuff arriving in Sydney overnight, but it seems to still be well south of us at the moment. Dee Why beach and the point are looking ordinary. Only a few people in the water, and sets are struggling to make the waist high mark.

Wind is currently lightly SE. It’s not forecast to pick up, but it’ll wander around the onshore quarters today.

I still think that we’re in with a good chance to see some juice. Since about midnight, the average period down at the Eden buoy was 10 sec, but 6 hours later it was 12 sec with some 13 sec peaks – and the trend line is still steeply upward. If the swell heads toward us at that speed, it could start showing up as sets around lunchtime. The 12-13 sec stuff may possibly turn up as forerunner sets right on dusk (I know, I said that yesterday too and Huey had a laugh at my temerity, so consider your source!) Sadly, the models say that the long period spike will be pretty brief and tomorrow morning may not be all that much more interesting than today.

However, the models continue to show some long period south swell hitting overnight Friday and through Saturday. The Bureau is calling for light N-NW winds on Saturday in the Sydney region as well…

Have yourself a top old day, and check back because I’ll post something if I see any of those forerunner sets this afternoon…

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