Apr 14 2007

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 Dee Why lookin busy

Hello Friends,

It’s looking mighty fine out there this morning. Swell has held at about the level it was when the sun went down yesterday, i.e. straight south, 2-4 metres at sea and best of all, sporting 12 sec average period with the odd 14 sec set. Dee Why point has been well attended since first light. Sets are delivering wave faces in the 6-8 ft range on the bigger ones. In the course of a surf session, you’d probably see a few bigger ones than that too.

This is a day for places with a few rocks on the bottom or a bit of a headland because the swell lines are so long (goes with the period) they’re going to close out for the most part on open beaches.

I’m not sure how much the swell will wrap into stretches of coast that don’t have direct south exposure, but given that period, there could be some reasonable learner waves at places like south steyne, Collaroy and Palmy.

Eastern suburb surfers may be up against it a bit this morning, with good size, but lots of shut downs at the south facing spots. Ditto for the Wanda-Elouera stretch, but I bet there are a few pretty interesting ones at the Island…

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