Apr 15 2007

15 April surf report

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Dee Why, Sunday morning

Hello Friends,

Well, it ain’t Saturday out there. Swell has dropped quite a bit overnight, more than we’d all been hoping I should imagine. But there is still some long period stuff around, so even though its less than 2 metres at sea, there should be the occasional set into the chest high range at SSE exposed spots.

Swell looks about the same up and down the coast, so I’d guess that we’ll have maybe a slight further decline today – but not to total flatness. Wind is due to be light NW early and then to go 15-20 kts NE this afternoon.

Outlook for the next week is not too amazing for the Sydney region. We’re due to have a big fat high sitting well south in the Tasman and that will probably bump away any hopes of decent swell for the next week. Still, one model at least is showing a longish period but small pulse around Tue-Wed from the SSE, so ya never know…

Finally, if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve posted a 6-minute sampler of the waves at Dee Why point yesterday arvo. At one point there were three of us shooting from the water. The other guys (hey Mitch) had proper cameras, while I was out with my little canon in a box taking vids. Anyway, check it out when you’re looking to avoid doing anything useful for a few minutes!

Go well with your day and catch a few if you can.

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