Apr 16 2007

Monday morning surf check

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 running low on energy at DY beach

Hello Friends,

Just about all gone in the Sydney region, and I’d say for most of the east coast. There are still a few little ones left in the middle of the Dee Why to Longy stretch, but I reckon they’re mostly into the mal/fish zone for standups. Biggest set I saw had maybe 3 feet of wave face. The point has gone back to sleep.

Winds are light and out of the northern quarters right now, but the Bureau says that a weak SW-S change sill come through around midday. The buoys are showing average swell heights of around a metre and average periods of 7 seconds along the far south coast, grading to about 9 from the Sydney region north.

Surf outlook for tomorrow is not great. Maybe some short period south junk in the waist high range… the overnight into Weds morning it looks as though there might be a 13 sec SSE pulse (if the models have it right) which could push the size and power up a bit into a more surfable range. After that though… gee… lookin’ grim through next weekend at this stage.

If you happen to be checking in after a few days, you might want to have a look at my latest vid. It was shot on Saturday morning when the swell was at near maximum power at Dee Why point. Enjoy and go well with your day!

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