Apr 17 2007

Tues 17 April: pretty small…

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 Near flat at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

Congratulations to mum and Hendo on the arrival of their first born! You’re off on the greatest adventure of your lives!

Surf situation… hmmm…. well, like yesterday, it’s not flat, but nor is it much above waist high at Dee Why. Out at sea the swell is dead south and offshore it’s 2-3 metres but with an average period of only 8 seconds, there’s not much size on the beaches.  It’s roughly the same size down the coast from Sydney, but at Eden the buoy is showing an average period of  10 sec with some peaks into the 12 sec range.  The average period started increasing around midnight, so that means we could see something similar beginning to show up in the Sydney region by around midday, but the 10-12 sec stuff may not get here consistently before dark.

What we have at Dee Why right now is weak looking waist high lumps and no one in the water at 0815 that I could see.

Wind is due to be 10-15 kts from S-SW, but swinging more to the SE in the afternoon.

Tomorrow the wind is set to repeat today’s pattern, but the waves could be a little more juicy if that longer period pulse gets in to our beaches.

Go well with your day!

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