Apr 18 2007

DY, Weds 18/4: small condx

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Hello Friends,

Pretty looking morning out there and there are some little, just-rideable waves trickling into Dee Why.  Swell out of the SSE at around 1-2 metres at sea. The Sydney buoy is showing 10 sec average period, with some peaks to 13 sec. Biggest wave I could see was in the waist high range, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were some chest high plus sets up the beach where the south exposure is better.

The models were showing this pulse a few days ago, and more or less as predicted, it looks set to only run for about 18 – 24 hours. It started toward dark yesterday, so I reckon it’ll fade steadily and be consistently smaller by this afternoon in the Sydney region. The average power level (as measured by period) down at Eden has dropped dramatically overnight, so I’m guessing that will mean the same for us by late this afternoon and definitely by tomorrow morning.

The outlook for the remainder of the NSW school holidays is not terrific. Basically the various charts and models all seem to be pointing toward the entire surfable east coast being small to flat through early next week. Groan. Oh well, Huey’s been pretty good to us for the past couple weeks, so I guess one shouldn’t be too peevish.

Go well with your day!

little ones at the beachy

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