Apr 24 2007

Rainy and small at DY

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Hello Friends,

What a gloomy old morning it is along the northern beaches. Managed to grab a pic of Dee Why point just before another heavy shower arrived. It looked pretty ordinary down there. There might be the odd set into the barely rideable range, but for the most part it doesn’t look too promising.

Swell out at sea is around the 2-4 metre mark and is averaging around 9 sec apart. Kinda surprising that it looked quite as small as it did when I checked because the direction is an okay SSE.

Wind is SSE at 10-15 kts and is due to get to 20-25 kts at exposed locations as the day goes along.

Swell should gradually push up a little during the day, but not to spectacular levels. In fact, I think we may not see a lot more than we do now.

We’ve had close to 100mm of rain up here on the hill, so there should be a fair volume of stormwater dumping out on the beaches. From the radar it looks like most of the rain is falling right along the coast and is largely confined to Sydney and just north and south of it.

The models show the swell being about the same again tomorrow, but there might be a little less wind.

Have yourself a top old day, and a big happy birthday shout out to my darling daughter who turns 12 today and to my dear old Dad who rounds the sun for the 86th time.

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