Apr 25 2007

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Hello Friends,

Looks like there’s a little bit of swell for Anzac Day. It’s not astonishing, but there are some shoulder high sets lurching in to the stretches of beach open to the SE. Out at sea the swell is around 2-4 metres at about 8 sec. Conditions at Dee Why are relatively smooth but the swell isn’t very clean. Typical short period stuff.

Fair number of people are in the water testing out their immune systems. The water looks pretty foul too thanks not only to the rain but the fact that Council opened the lagoon at Dee Why. You run a pretty reasonable risk of picking up a reason to visit your gp toward the weekend I should think.

The water at Dee Why probably won’t be good to go for another couple days. A good sunny day or two can make a difference very quickly.

Swell is probably close to its peak but it shouldn’t disappear today. Then tomorrow it should be smaller and the charts look unpromising for the rest of the week and into the weekend. Basically it looks like being flat but offshore by about Saturday.

Wind is due to get up to 20-25 kts at times from the SE today and then swing SW and to be 10-15 kts tomorrow.

Heard an interesting story about the online archives at the war memorial on the radio as I was writing this. If you’re looking to learn more about a family member who served, it’s at www.awm.gov.au

Go well one and all.

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