Apr 26 2007

26 April Surf Report

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DY point lookin’ nice

Hello Friends,

Looks like there are some fun little waves in the Sydney region, but they aren’t to be found everywhere because the south east swell is about 9 sec apart and therefore not refracting all that much into corners. Dee Why beach has reasonable size (see pic) but it’s almost all shutdowns. The point is less consistent, but showing some interesting moments.

Outlook according to the models is for the trend to be maintained across today and into tomorrow morning for our region.

Wind is due to stay 10-15 kts SW all day.

Apparently we should enjoy the sunshine this morning, because there could be a little more rain to come late today and overnight into tomorrow morning. Which brings me to the obvious topic, namely water quality. I live up the catchment for Dee Why and my little rain gauge shows that we got 110mm from the storm. That means we’ve had a fair old run-off and yesterday the water at Dee Why looked foul. The sun will help, but it would be stupid to go surfing with an open wound or a dodgy immune system under the circumstances.

Couple of other notes, as you may have noticed we’ve got some more vid content up in our news section. If you want to watch a little of what was happening yesterday at DY surfwise, have a squiz at my latest effort. And then there’s RealSurf roving reviewer Adam’s rather professionally turned out chat with Luke Egan.

Finally, the old hands may recall many moons and iterations of RealSurf ago, we had a little thing called the Crystal Ball on the site. The idea was to plumb the RealSurf groupmind for the consensus on surf prospects for tomorrow. Well, I’ve long wanted to revive it and yesterday I came across an interesting little script that kinda works for the task. I’ll try it out today to see what you collectively think…

Go well with your day!oops!

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