Apr 27 2007

27.4.07, little ones

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 little ones at the point

Hello Friends,

The coffee went on pretty late around here (crook kiddie and all that entails)so here’s the latest. We still have some little glassy things wandering in from the SE at about 9 seconds apart. It’s averaging just under 2 metres out at sea but by the time its running along the rocks at Dee Why or standing up over the banks at No Man’s, the faces are struggling to make chest high. Not a tremendous amount of power, but there’s enough to get the equipment up and running for a few seconds at least.

The sky has pulled on her best grey livery in anticipation of a bit of rain later this afternoon and overnight. That means the woofy water situation will be reinforced into the new week.

Looks like the NSW coast is going into another week of marginal conditions – unlike WA. SW WA is facing up to some pretty seriously huge conditions, as is Bali and Indo later this weekend and into the new week. While we’re grovelling in knee high conditions out east, they are going to be looking at very long period, very large swell out of an intense Indian Ocean low. The wind will be a serious factor however.

Well, a couple phone calls later, I’m finally getting this online… sorry so late kids.

Go well with your day!

Dee Why beach today

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