Apr 28 2007

Sat 28 April 2007 surf situation

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Hello Friends,

Gloomy, drippy old start to proceedings in Sydney, but the Bureau assures us it will lift by this afternoon. Surf looks pretty similar to yesterday, ie small but not flat at beaches with some exposure to the SE. North corners are a bit bigger and protected south corners (eg Collaroy) are close to flat.

There’s not a lot of juice to the swell because the average period is about 8-9 sec and heights at sea are about 2 metres, with the odd bigger one. The consequences are waves that range from knee to chest high on the bigger ones. Rain means runoff of course, so the water won’t be getting less woofy. It seemed to be okay at Mona Vale yesterday arvo when PB and I went for a dip (see the vid link right) , but Dee Why still looked pretty ordinary thanks to the combo of the lagoon opening and the heavy runoff from earlier in the week.

Outlook is for these conditions to bumble along at much the same levels through today but overnight to become distinctly smaller and therefore much more marginal. I’m guessing knee to waist high tomorrow morning.

The weather maps are looking interesting for the week ahead as it appears that we could get an east coast low in the southern Tasman. But right now the models reckon it won’t be too intense and so we may only get a weak south pulse around about Wednesday in Sydney.

Have fun with your day and get up to some good on the way through, eh?

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