May 03 2007

3 May 07: back to just about flat

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Hello Friends,

The long, slow, downward trend for Sydney surf conditions continues today. Swell is coming in at a creaky 8 sec interval and heights at sea are only averaging about a metre up and down the NSW coast. The direction hasn’t changed much, so those spots that have been working in the SSE swell for you, will be the only hope for a little one today.

Outlook is not great for the east coast over the next week. All the models are showing weak and small conditions through Tuesday for us. From tomorrow it looks as though there won’t even be much wind in the afternoons for kiting (although today the Bureau is calling for NW 20-25kts).

All of this is in sharp contrast to the outlook for SW WA where the models are currently showing the likelihood of massive conditions from Sunday through Weds (at least) with light winds. The models are also showing big but windy conditions for the western regions of Vic. However, if they are to be believed, it could be very big there around Tuesday and not too breezy with it.

Have yourself a top old day – wherever you find yourself!

looking small at DY

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