May 05 2007

Saturday 5 April flatness

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Hello Friends,

Whatever it is you do on a flat day, do that.

Dee Why is utterly without waves. Completely unsurfable. Out at sea, the swell is struggling to be a metre at 8 sec – and the primary direction is SSW. So, what little there is, would appear to be mainly headed toward Fiji.

Wind is offshore now – not that it matters to surfers – and is due to swing around to the NE, but be lightly so, this afternoon.

Tomorrow looks like being more of the same, although there is a slight hope that we could get a little tiny trickle of stuff at beaches with NE exposure.

These conditions are set to prevail along the east coast through Thursday when, coincident with the arrival of cloud and rain, we could see a slight improvement to surf prospects.

Meanwhile, out in SW WA, it still looks like being massive through about Weds and then merely very big after that.

A bit closer to Sydney, western Vic also has excellent forecasts lined up. I like the shape of Monday particularly…

Have yourself a top old Saturday!

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