May 11 2007

11 May 07: little activity showing at DY

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Hello Friends,

Big excitement in Sydney. Sunny skies, not much wind and best of all… a little SE windswell pulse showing. It’s not big, but there are some chest high sets at Dee Why (although it looks mainly to be smaller than that). Wind is set to be light and out of the eastern quarters. Swell is averaging around 1.5 metres at 9 seconds. There are a few sets out at sea in the 2.5 metre/10 sec range and the general outlook remains for the swell to build a little today across much of the east coast.

The wind becomes more of a factor the further north you go along the coast from Sydney, with the far north coast looking at 15-20 kts of SE’ly for later today.

Have yourself a great day and get amongst it if you can!

little one at the point

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