May 12 2007

Saturday, 12 May 2007

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Hello Friends,

Surf situation this morning looks pretty similar to yesterday evening, and that’s a good thing. Swell is out of the SE at close to 10 sec apart and ranging in size from 1.5 to 3 metres at sea. If you’re in the water at a spot with a liking for SE swell, that means sets into the head high range on the bigger ones. It’s not all that consistent, so patience will be the watchword. The plan is to go as soon as the schedule permits because it looks as though the swell will run out of puff by dark and while we should still have a little something at exposed spots tomorrow morning, on current indications it doesn’t look like it will be as big as it is now.

Dee Why has the odd head high set at the point and along the beach, but mostly it’s long waits punctuated by waist high diversions – and crowded with it. Beach breaks will be a challenge as the banks haven’t been too wonderful of late. Again, look for some exposure to the SE for the biggest options.

Wind is set to be SW and light this morning and going around to the NE this afternoon. Low tide’s around mid morning.

Go forth and enjoy!

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