May 26 2007

Saturday 26 May 2007

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good day to practise with the rubber ducky
Hello Friends,

Be strong east coast surfers. Huey will return. I know it doesn’t look that way at the moment, particularly here in Sydney, but this miserable flat spell too will pass into history.

Today’s outlook for our region is light NE-NW wind of 5-10 kts with a SE swell at sea of less than a metre at about 8 seconds apart. From the look of the realtime data from MHL, these conditions prevail from east of Philip Island around to the sunshine coast.

The forecast models are uniformly pessimistic about our chances of an improvement any time soon. Right now they’re calling for short period, very small conditions through Weds. The long range models are calling for a little south swell to materialise early Thursday – but for it to fade back to flat by Friday evening.

Have yourself a top old day anyway, go for a walk, get in for a paddle, and enjoy it all for what it is.

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