May 29 2007

Tuesday, it must be Byron Bay

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Hello Friends,

Went for a surf this morning at the Pass in Byron. Very small, but very fun with a mal. Folks at the top of the point were getting the odd chest high set wave, but they tended to peter out by the time they reached that last rock on the inside. PB figured out that if we went down more towards Johnsons, we could catch these tiny little lumps (knee high on the takeoff) that would then stand up to about waist high as they rifled along the edge of a very long bank. I was just hanging out on the front 1/3 of my board on most of them. Short boards were not happening at all under the conditions.

We had a look earlier at the open beaches south from Tallow (near where we’re staying). But the quality was strictly ordinary and no one was in the water. Kinda fat little waist high lumps flopping listlessly over. Very photogenic sky though.

From the look of the charts, the abject flatness of Sydney seems likely to last until the weekend when, wonder of wonders, there appears to be general agreement amongst the models that we will get a pulse of south swell. On current reckoning, it should start to fill into the Sydney region from about Saturday am and last through close of play on Sunday night. Monday looks set to return to small and weak conditions. By that stage, the swell will have marched up the coast and be lighting up the likes of Crescent, Anga, Lennox, etc with some nice fat wintry lines.

Have yourself a good one, and go well!


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