May 31 2007

31 May 2007: Byron Bay smallness

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Hello Friends,

Yep, it’s pretty bad up in Byron too. We just checked the pass and the Wreck (didn’t bother with Tallow because of the wind direction), and I can report that it is extremely small to just about flat. Maybe a dozen or so optimists out at the Pass where every 15 mins or so a knee to waist high bomb rolls through. The Wreck was similar, but cleaner and not bumpy.

Skies up this way are grey and sullen, not the picture of the last couple days. So, we’re pointing our noses south very shortly. If we come across anything even mildly interesting, I’ll file an update – after all, we’ve got 10 hours in the car ahead of us, so there’ll be plenty of time to laboriously key a report into my phone!

I’ve posted a short little vid for you from yesterday at Lennox. Sadly my camera battery died after we’d only been in the water for an hour, so I never did get any shots of the bigger ones. Definitely the highlight of the trip that sesh.

Go well and get up to some good where you can!

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