Jun 11 2007

11 June: Magic Monday

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Evening thoughts…

What an amazing day. I reckon I’ve seen, at an absolute minimum, 2000 surfers having fun. I’m serious. When I saw how good the swell was, I decided to sacrifice my little slice of the joy in the water for the greater good and to document the conditions at every spot with waves on the Northern Beaches today.

I shoulda started early though. By the time I got to the Bower the light was just about gone. Looking at the files now safely on my computer, I can see that the first shot was a pan up at North Palmy at 1225 and the last one was a snap at the Bower at 1749. I have 262 sequences and stills, all of which takes up 5 GB. And I have a bunch of shots from my phone that haven’t been added to the total.

So, I don’t think I’ll have my magic monday movie ready for your viewing tonight!

For those with an interest, here’s my recollection of the quality I saw. A 4 *’s is the best and 1* equals the worst (but still surfable). Starting at the top…

Nth Palmy ****
Mid Palmy ****
Sth Palmy/Kiddies *
Whale ***
Nth Av ****
Mid Av ***
Sth Av **
Little Av **
Bilgola *
Newport Peak ***
Newport Middle **
Path & Crosswaves *
Bungan Nth ***
Bungan Sth **
Mona Vale Basin *
Mona Vale ***
Cooks Tce **
Nth Warriewood ***
Warriewood *
Little Narra ***
Northy ***
Carparks **
Sth Narra – Gardens ****
Collaroy *
Whiterock *
Butterbox ?
Longy bombies **
DY lugga-No Man’s ***
DY beach ***
DY point **
Nth Curly ****
Mid Curly ***
Sth Curly *
Freshie ***
Queensie **
Nth Steyne ****
Sth Steyne ***
Bower **

I shot at least three rides at every spot on the list, and some places I took more. All the four star places could’ve kept me busy for hours, so it was pretty hard to have to keep myself moving on to the next beach.

If any of you have some good video (it won’t have to be much to be better than mine!), drop me a line if you’d like me to consider adding it to the Magic Monday project. If you got a couple nice stills, I can consider those as well. Best bet there is to go post them in either the gallery or the forums so that I can have a look. Naturally I will credit any contributions that make it into the final cut.

Could be a bit of fun if we can do it!

From the look of things, tomorrow might be fun in the morning, but the wind is due to kick in from the SW and be quite a bit stronger than today by the afternoon. The 15-25 kt SW wind pattern looks to be here for the next three days and my, don’t those Thursday charts look the goods for us.

Go well and stay happy.

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