Jun 11 2007

Dee Why, 11 June 2007

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Hello Friends,

Stayed up late to watch Nidal thrash Federer, sorry! Anyway, it’s cleaned up considerably this morning. Swell in the Sydney region has moved to the SE and is about 2-4 metres at an average period of close to 10 seconds.

There are heaps of waves along the beach at Dee Why and rather fewer for the large numbers parked at the point. It looks pretty crowded down the beach too. Sets are solidly overhead and the waves are looking very juicy. The crowd is pretty thick along the beach breaks and board-snapping shutdowns are the order of the day, but there are some memorable waves being ridden, I have no doubt. The biggest negative is the look of the water. As you can see from the pics, it has that greeny-yellow cast we usually get when everything that was in our gutters and stormdrains last week, is now out in the ocean where we want to play. It’s a roll of the dice for those with open wounds or compromised immune systems.

We’re due for light SW winds today across Sydney and the weather outlook for the next few days is for mostly fine weather through Thursday. And the kicker is that it also appears our old mate Huey is going to continue his good works for the next week on the east coast. Right now the models agree that our next pulse should arrive during daylight hours on Thursday. On current reckoning, it could be around about the size we have right now. In the meantime though, it may drop back a bit, but it won’t be anything like flat.

Go well with your day, and if you want a little glimpse of yesterday at Dee Why point, check my latest vid.

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