Jun 12 2007

Tues, 12 June & still some surf

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dy point

Hello Friends,

Well, another holiday weekend recedes into memory… started wild, ended mild. How good was yesterday? As I posted last night, I passed on joining the rest of you in the water in order to document the day with my dodgy video. The working title is Magic Monday, and it will comprise a few waves from every place I saw people surfing between Palmy and the Bower. If you got a couple decent sequences or pics yourself, drop me a line…

Enough about then, this is now.

We still have something left in the tank. Not much compared to yesterday, but still some chest high opportunities for those prepared to brave the morning chill along Sydney’s beaches. Dee Why point and the beach are looking pretty inconsistent, but far from hopelessly slow. As well, the crowd is about a tenth the size of yesterday.

It looks as though the swell will continue to drop slowly over the next 24 hours and, according to the models, it could be pretty tiny on Thursday. But then it’s set to turn around and to kick back up into the Monday-Sunday size range by late Friday and into Saturday. On that basis, I’d try to organise all my must-do’s for Thursday!

Have yourself a top old day!

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