Jun 13 2007

Wed 13 June 2007 surfin’ report

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Hello Friends,

Sorry about the leisurely start to the day from me. FWIW, I did try to file this morning, but the computer beat me. Decided to get in the water, since I missed out all weekend. Went to Dee Why intending to surf the beach (which looks very good), but paddled out at the point instead (thinking I’d just paddle over to the beach after awhile). Ended up staying at the point the whole time because there were little chest high waves coming in every now and then and even better, there were only half a dozen of us in the water. Shot some vid too and had a couple different RealSurf fans say hi (always get a kick out of that, but I’m embarrassingly bad at remembering names- cringe!)

Water is still ridiculously warm, but the air temp plus wind had my teeth chattering after an hour or so. The bulk of the swell is 2-3 metres out of the SSE at about 9 sec, but there were definitely a few longer period sets coming in from somewhere.

When I got in, I had another look at the beachy. It looked the better plan than the point (probably why there weren’t so many out). One of the RealSurf guys said he’d checked Freshie and Curly on his way to Dee Why but that they weren’t as good.

Okay, might do some video editing so I can share a bit of what happened today. I may even get started on the first installment of the magic monday video.

Oh, and have a gink at the latest from the Bureau for the NSW coast:

A strong cold front is moving into the southern Tasman Sea this morning, with a low expected to develop well offshore the South Coast during the day. This low is expected to move slowly north northeast be located off the Sydney or Illawarra coast on Thursday morning. There is some uncertainty as to where the low will move next, however a strong to gale force SE wind is likely over southern and central coastal waters for the next few days.


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