Jun 16 2007

Stormy Saturday morning

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Hello Friends,

Saturday starts with gales, dark skies and driving rain along the coast of Sydney. As I write this around 0700, the wind is out of the SE at 35-48 kts across our region. (For you non-nautical types, that means winds of 60-90 kph!)

Needless to say, there is no prospect of a wave along the open ocean beaches. You could, however, get into real trouble if you went out at some spots. I’m not overly hopeful about any inner harbour spots working either because the buoys show that the swell is a comparatively small 3-5 metres at around 9 sec from the SE.

The Bureau says that the weather will ease up through the day, and is calling for 25-33 kts ESE by this evening. The wind’s due to be much the same tomorrow morning, but will ease off as Sunday goes along. While the swell will back off with the decreasing wind, it’s not going to go flat on us. I don’t like our chances for today, but Sunday arvo may offer a few opportunities. And it looks like there’ll be surfable size swell for the next week (Thrs looks interesting at this stage).

Go well with your day and take care if you’re out and about.

stormy DY

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