Jun 17 2007

17 June 07 more waves…

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Hello Friends,

1020 and the rain finally backs off long enough for me to actually see the beach from my place. Doesn’t look nearly as fabulous as the buoy data would suggest it should (MHL’s Sydney waverider buoy is showing an average period of 9 sec with swell heights ranging from 4 to 8(?) metres out of the SSE.). There are a few bods in the water at the point (water looks pretty ordinary) and it’s really not that wind blown looking.

The Bureau says the wind will back off as the day goes along and the swell will follow it down, but it won’t go anything like flat. Depending upon where you’re standing, the wind is out of the SSW 15-30 kts. We’re due for a few more showers apparently, but there doesn’t seem to be much on the radar as I write this.

The big news is the way the week ahead is shaping up. It looks as though we’ll have a little low pressure system yo-yoing around the Tasman and if the computer models are to be believed, this will create a significant pulse mid-week and then possibly another on the weekend. By significant, I mean they’re predicting 4+ metre stuff with 10+ sec periods. Probably be a fair amount of wind with the peaks, but with any luck it’ll be from the SW at least some of the time.

BTW, I made a start on the Magic Monday project, but I can see it’ll take awhile… I did Palmy to Whaley yesterday… I might put a link to it up later… kind of work in progress style.

Go well with your day!

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