Jun 19 2007

19 June: more waves

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dee why point

Hello Friends,

Nippy 10 degrees or so around this joint at the start of play for Tuesday. Speaking of play, there were a dozen or so folks in the water at Dee Why point and up the beach. Swell has swung to the south and is averaging about 3 meters at sea with a period of around 9 seconds. Peak size at sea is 6 metres. Wind is currently westerly, but the Bureau says that it’ll go SW and start to pick up speed as the day goes along. In fact, they’re predicting 30-40 kts for later this afternoon.

Conditions at Dee Why are okay, but not all time. If you didn’t get a chance to surf yesterday at someplace where the waves and winds came together, you can still get out and have fun with this stuff before the wind rips into it.

Speaking of yesterday, I posted a little sampler of the offshore-blessed session we had at the Bower and Deadmans yesterday morning. Check the video in the news section to get a feel for what it was like out there.

Looking ahead, it’s still all go on the wave front. As every surfer on the east coast knows, another intensifying low is spinning up even as we speak. The charts look pretty nutty. At least a couple models are calling for seas and swell to get into the 4-6 metre range tomorrow. Of course the wind will be just stupid. The Bureau is calling for 40-50 kts SSW early backing off to “only” 20-30 kts of W-SW later in the day.

Not sure how photogenic it’ll be, but you can bet I’ll be looking for some way to capture a few moments for you.

Go well with your day and get up to some good where you can!

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