Jun 21 2007

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south curly

Hello Friends,

Sorry to run so late, but you know how it is when there’s waves… I was out and about from first light to get a few vid sequences for a project on International Surfing Day – which is today. The concept comes out of the US and it’s a bit of a profile raiser that will benefit Surfrider Foundation. Anyway, they have this video comp as part of it, so I thought, “why not?” I’m already stupidly far behind on hundreds of responsibilities and promises, what’s one more day going to matter?

Anyway, I went down to say hi to the Duke’s statue and to see if I could get some vid of the day itself. First stop was to look at the south Narrabeen stretch and to watch the sun come up. Not much happening there wave-wise, so back into my personal greenhouse gas contributor to head down for a look at Dee Why and thereabouts.

Dee Why was also much smaller and setty-er than yesterday, but there were/are still some useful lines around the place. That put it at option one on the to-surf list. Over the hill, and past Curly to the Duke’s statue. Didn’t really stop to look at Curly, but it was big. Had a gink at Freshy and can report that it was well attended with some solidly head high sets. The south corner looked the go to me.

Coming back to Curly (how is rounding that bend just past the turn off to the diggers when there’s swell?), it was clear that the south end was, weirdly, actually quite sizeable and rideable. You often see the former, but rarely the latter.

Pulled over and took a couple shots and one or two video sequences. Saw half a dozen rights peel from practically in front of the pool (y’know, but out about 50 metres) to well up the beach. I reckon a couple of those would’ve gone for 200 metres.

Back in the car, over the hill to Dee Why with a plan to shoot some vox pops on my question of the day: what gets you stoked? Then noticed the crew at the point, and thought, hmmmm… maybe I should go out there to, you know, shoot some extra colour for the b-roll (that’s tech talk for those little shots video people stick in to provide a little atmosphere).

A bit over-gunned with my 7’2″, but I wasn’t bothering heading home for something more appropriate.

Paddled out and ended up staying in the water for a couple hours. It was just one of those sessions where you wait for the sets and then after awhile start telling yourself, “next one in”… But you get the next one and it’s so fun, that you go for just one more… every one of you reading this knows the feeling – I have no doubt!!

Happily, because I had my little water camera with, I managed to collect a few more nice sequences (I hope!) that I can put in my vid and maybe even stitch together on their own… we’ll see…

Swell has dropped rapidly today. It was around 3-5 metres from the south early, but is currently around 2-3 m at 9 sec. That’s still more than enough to produce some fun ones at south facing spots, and the wind, as I write this, is still behaving itself and staying lightly offshore.

From the look of things, the swell should hang in there for tomorrow too. Right now the Bureau is saying 15-25 kts of SW wind for Friday and 2-3 metres of south swell. This fits well with an uptick on the Eden buoy which has bounced from 2-3 metres at midnight to 3-6 metres around lunchtime. It’s showing a period of 8-9 seconds down there, so that should put the arrival time of the next pulse at around about start of play tomorrow.

How unbelievably good has June been for Sydney surfers???

Okay, gotta get back to the work bench to see how the vid from this morning came up…

Go well with your day and keep smiling.

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