Jun 22 2007

Lovely Friday & more waves…

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DY point

Hello Friends,

Anybody surfed out yet? It would seem that at least a few of you are because at 0900 there were only half a dozen bods at Dee Why point and nobody that I could see in the beach break. Admittedly the latter is shutting down heavily, but the point is getting the odd chest to head high set.

It looks like Huey hasn’t tired of this sport just yet… here’s the latest summary from the Bureau:

“A cold front in the Tasman Sea is moving away and losing influence. A low pressure system is expected to develop off the southern Queensland coast later Saturday into Sunday, freshening in the winds in the north, before easing. There is an increasing potential for a low to develop in the western Tasman Sea during the first half of next week.”

Right now the swell is pretty straight south and, as noted by some of the other reporters, pretty lined up too. That’ll be putting paid to most of the beachies, but reefs and corners of various sorts around our region could be in play. Periods are 10-11 sec and the swell is 3-4 metres out at sea, so I’d say we’re in for another day of surfin’ opportunities.

Wind is out of the SW and is due to decrease a little as the day goes along. Oh, and the Bureau is calling for a little increase in swell size tomorrow… with light winds from S-SW…

Are you smiling yet?

Yours truly has been accumulating a bit of video from the last couple days, but all this swell worship comes at a cost. The spike with the ‘please call back’ messages looks like a Christmas tree, the dishes are piled so high in the sink, they’re sliding out on to the floor and there are 14,000,000 new emails to be dealt with. But what am I to do friends? Another beautiful day with waves, how can I let it slip by without at least taking a few pictures somewhere…

Go well and stay happy.

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