Jun 23 2007

Another day of surf!

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DY point again!

Hello Friends,

Bitter start to the day. Yikes! Temperature at my joint was about 7 as the sun broke over the horizon. Looks like we’re in for yet another magnificent surf day too. Buncha people in the water getting frozen for some fun looking chest to head high plus lines at the point. Speaking of lines, this swell is looking very point and reef friendly, but is probably a bit too long in the period department for the beaches.

At 0700 here’s how the numbers stacked up: swell is 2-4 metres out’ve the SSE at around 11 seconds. Wind is out of the WNW at 10-12 kts. The winds are set to remain light, and the skies clear through much of the day. The temp should eventually get up to a reasonably balmy 17, but right now…

Outlook for the week ahead is surf, surf and more surf. The synoptic charts show a couple of fat highs sitting over Aust and NZ with a nice corridor between them which allow the various low pressure systems hurtling around Antarctica to come shooting up into our swell window.

As the following quote from the Bureau’s summary this morning shows, it’s a pretty complex situation…

“Synoptic Situation
A high pressure ridge is extending over NSW. A low pressure trough is expected to develop off the SE Queensland coast during Saturday, increasing the winds over the far northern coast. At this stage winds are favoured to be slightly below strong wind strength but this will depend on just how much the low develops. It should persist through into Monday morning before weakening. On Tuesday another low pressure system is expected to form around the central coast and drift SE of be off the south coast later. It has the potential to deepen into a strong system whilst moving down to the far southern coast. There is a fair degree of uncertainty about its actual position and intensity with the strongest winds more likely on Wednesday and Thursday.”

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