Jun 24 2007

Carbon credit/debit system included in taxation system

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The idea would be to include information about your CO2 along with your taxes.

If you produced more CO2 than was allowed for an individual, you’d be assessed a fairly hefty extra amount, eg $1 per kg.

If you produced less CO2 than your allowance, you would be able to take $1 per kg off what you owed the government.

Imagine if this was a part of every taxation system around the world?

One thing that would certainly be required would be a system for transferring carbon offset payments from one tax jurisdiction (eg Australia) with high average consumption rates, to those with lower average consumption rates (eg Chad). This system would have the twin benefits of bringing CO2 production under tighter control while also delivering unprecedented levels of foreign aid. I might have to pay an extra $1000 for the CO2 produced by my new 4WD, while a poor farm worker in rural Mexico might get $5000 for producing 20% of the CO2 I do.

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