Jun 24 2007

Lifetime CO2 rating system

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What if all energy consuming devices had to come with an energy efficiency rating and a lifetime carbon emission rating?
And what if these ratings were part of a system of personal carbon accounts that was built into the national taxation system?
And what if these ratings were a mandatory inclusion on all packaging and advertising for energy consuming devices?

What I envision would be a mandatory label something like this:

Annual emissions – average use (2000 hours): 0.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide
Annual emissions – light use (1000 hours): 0.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide
Annual emissions – heavy use (3000 hours): 0.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Manufacture & transport embodied emissions: 0.08 tonnes

Each time you bought something, your personal annual carbon account would have the heavy use + embodied amount deducted.

Light users would be able to recover the excess each year when their total carbon allowance is calculated along with their ordinary taxes.

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