Jun 24 2007

Start your bulldozers everybody!

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What would it be like if everyone had their own personal bulldozer that they could use anywhere they pleased in the national forests?

Well, I’m coming to think that generating CO2 is much like operating your own bulldozer where the environment is concerned. Unless we come to think of our emissions as our own, personal assault on the environment, it seems to me there is not much hope for averting the long term catastrophe now threatening our descendants.

I’d like to see a universal system of carbon accounts with an annually adjusted allowance. So, if the population of the planet increases, we all get a little less carbon to spend in the coming year.

I’d like to see the amount of carbon emitted set by an international panel of climate scientists and biologists. The way this figure gets priced and the trading systems can be the responsibility of politicians and their high priests, the economists. But the latter group should have no input into the setting of the annual limit.

I’d like to see annual payments from the carbon fund to governments, companies and individuals who sequester carbon. If you have a patch of forest, you get a credit for it every year in perpetuity. If you cut it down, or there’s a forest fire – bang goes the annuity.

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