Jun 27 2007

What? More waves??

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Hello Friends,

Huey is going for it this morning along Sydney’s beaches. Overnight, he punched the “go” button hard and this morning there are some double to triple overhead bombs smashing into Dee Why. Mostly it’s smaller than that, but I don’t think there’d be any complaints from the crew who got into it for the early. The MHL buoy showed some 16 sec spikes amongst the 3 metre 12 sec average stuff! I don’t think they’ll be messing with the Pasha Bulker today… Gotta run, but I will definitely be back with an update. For now though, it is absolutely pumping from the east with offshore winds.

1000: Been out and about for a look see. Very setty swell at the moment. You’ll be looking at some place, eg south Narrabeen, and thinking ‘big but not stupid big…’ then Huey will sling in another batch of 16 sec set waves and any thoughts you had about paddling out disappear. The surface conditions range from junky and messy at places with a lot of exposure to the stiff 10-20 kt NW wind, to relatively clean and nicely brushed at spots like the beachy immediately north of DY lagoon entrance.

The swell isn’t really lighting up the Longy bombies, but it definitely has a fair amount of size (see my pics from earlier at DY point) and, from the look of the weather reports and buoy data from down the coast, it’s likely to push up still more. It’s 5-8 metres at Eden right now and I’d say it’s pretty likely that will push up our way over the next day or so. The computer models are calling for the pulse to peak tomorrow afternoon or thereabouts. Thereafter surfable energy should decrease, but not go away and last through about Sunday – at least.

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