Jun 28 2007

Pumping Again!

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that’d be DY point

Hello Friends,

It continues to pump. Swell has backed off a little from yesterday afternoon’s insanity, but those bomb sets are still looking pretty impressive. Dee Why is head high on the average ones and getting close to double overhead on the bombs, ie wave faces measure anywhere from 6-12 feet at a spot like Dee Why. More exposed locations (anyone for a splash at Solander?) should be doing more than that on the biggest ones.

As I write this, the wind is a brisk 10-12 kts from the WNW. However, the Bureau has hoisted the gale pennant for the Sydney region. The call is for it to go to 25-33 kts from the WNW and by evening to have picked up a bit more but be coming from the SW. They’re calling the swell 4 metres from the ESE.

I guess the takeaway pretty obviously is to get in early to avoid the inevitable firehose in the face takeoffs folks were dealing with yesterday.

Does it have to be said that this is not a day for beginners?

We’re going to a max of about 15 on the coast today and from the look of the weather radar and the forecasts, that’s about it for the showers.

Go forth and enjoy. I’ll try to update later if I come across anything interesting… 😉

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