Jun 29 2007

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Hello Friends,

Swell angle has swung to the south overnight but it’s bigger out at sea. Yesterday it was averaging around 2 metres at 12 sec, but now it’s 4 metres at 11 sec. The direction change has seen the average size at Dee Why drop distinctly from yesterday. Plus, we have stronger winds (around 20 kts out of the west).

Size at the point is averaging around shoulder head high with a few bombs in the mix that are approaching twice that. Surface conditions are not looking as clean as yesterday when I was swimming about out there with my camera shooting video for your eventual entertainment.

I was up late trying to finish the aforesaid highlights reel for you, but I kinda flamed out near midnight. The rough cut is around the 8-9 minute mark because there were so many “keepers” – particularly of the charging bodyboarders at first rock.

From the look of the long range forecasts, I should have time to catch up on video editing next week. The models seem to agree that we’ll have small to tiny conditions next week. Looks like Huey’s put all his effort into the most extraordinary June I can remember.

Swell should fade through the day, but I reckon we’ll still have surfable stuff through the weekend.

Go well and have yourself a top old day!

(below from my upcoming video about yesterday at Dee Why point)

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