Jul 01 2007

A little left in the tank…

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Hello Friends,

My usual late Sunday start! I first clapped eyes on the beach at 0945 and the absolute latest is that there are still a few scraps from the June swell fest for our first day of July. It’s dropped overnight, but not as much as I’d expected. Sets at the Dee Why end of the Longy to DY stretch are sometimes making it to shoulder high. But mostly it’s smaller and it looks like those long, contemplative waits of yesterday are the go again today.

Swell at sea is little changed from yesterday, ie out of the south at about 2 metres with an average period of around 9 seconds.

If you found waves somewhere yesterday, you should be able to get something at the same spot again today.

Wind could be an issue though. It’s out of the WNW to W at anywhere from 10 to 20 kts.

Outlook for the rest of Sunday is for the sets to gradually get a little smaller and for the waits to get a little longer. Tomorrow we could still have some dying echoes of the swell, but by Tuesday the models are showing near flat for the SE coast of Australia. And they don’t currently show any real hope of an improvement before next weekend. You’re probably safe to book lots of obligations and appointments for Tue-Fri.

Finally finished up the video from the 28th. It runs for a touch over eight minutes! Anyway, I’m reasonably pleased with it and preliminary feedback has been positive…(check our news column for the link)

Oh yeah, if you want to see a pretty reasonable sort of standard of mal riding, wander down to Manly where they’re holding the Snowy contest. (Hope the ear’s better this morning Kel)

Enough outta me! Go well with your day!01jul07dyp0945.jpg

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