Jul 02 2007

Lookin’ small out there…

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Hello Friends,

Swell seems to have dropped again overnight. Pretty much what was expected really. At 0900 when I checked it, I couldn’t see anyone in the water from the point to up the beach from the Club at Dee Why. Swell is out of the south at around a metre on average with the odd 2 metre blip spiking up the trace on the MHL Sydney data. Yesterday it was 2-3 metres at this stage, so I’m not overly hopeful about prospects for today. Pretty obviously you need to get yourself to someplace that likes the south swell and then you’ll need to be patient.

There’s not much in prospect for the next couple days at least. Fortunately the models are showing only a short period of flatness (basically tomorrow through Thursday) before the next hope of swell appears in the predictions. The models aren’t consistent, but the most optimistic is calling for around 3 metres of 10 sec south swell. That’s about what we had on Saturday, so there’d definitely be a few options.

Finished a couple of video projects this weekend for you. If you want to see the point at DY in top form, check out the stuff I shot on the 28th. And then take a look at the interview I shot with Nick Carroll a week or so ago while he, Graham and Chris were gearing up for another long distance training paddle. The boys are going to paddle in the Molokai to Oahu race to raise some funds for the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia. Nick talks about that and shows off his rather schmick 18-foot paddleboard.

Hope your day is a great one, go well!

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