Jul 03 2007

Using Photobucket for slideshows

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The most popular photosharing and hosting site of all. Very good user interface. Clean, easy to follow and quite versatile. In addition to uploading images from their own computer, users can also upload from mobile phones and web addresses (for instance you might have a picture in another location like a blog that you’d like to add to a slide show). Once images are uploadedl they are displayed album style with direct links helpfully shown below each picture (to make it easy to add them to an email, a post in a forum or a personal blog). Edting your slideshow is straightforward and there are a range of display options to choose from. One may link to a completed slideshow or grab the necessary code to include a show in a blog, forum post or ordinary web page. A remix mode alllows you to create slideshows from stills images and short video sequences. Easy to see why this is so popular. Images did not show compression artefacts. Easy to see why this is so popular. About the only niggle was not being able to pause a show or control how long images displayed. However, if you use the remix facility, it’s possible to set the ‘dwell’ time of an image from 1-10 seconds. Interesting note too, the remix part of the site is powered by Adobe’s Premiere Express. Professional users may want to spend USD25 a year to get 50 image slideshows instead of the lower resolution, 10 image limit that applies to free users.

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