Jul 05 2007

More flatness, but high hopes…

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It’s selfish, I know, but this utter flatness (and it is utterly so) is good for catching up on stuff. And it looks like my “good” luck will continue through today and into tomorrow. There’s not much of anything showing in the buoy data from down south (good to see the Batemans Bay buoy back too) right now, but the Bureau and the forecast models agree that we should start to see some pickup from the south tomorrow. The former is talking about 2.5 metres, but as usual makes no estimate of the period, while the latter are saying the same size but with 9-10 sec on the energy setting. 10s x 2.5m = chest to head high plus at south facing beaches.

The good news is that all the different models I know of, agree that we should then be back into surfable size waves for the next week. If the long range forecasts come to pass, then old Huey looks as though he could put a fair amount of lead into the gloves for next Wednesday in our region. From long experience, I can tell you though not to get too excited about seeing 5-6 metre, long period east swell for the middle of next week.

The models are good and getting better, but next Wednesday is deep into the realms of uncertainty. Still, it’s always nice to see a big call like that because it often means that there are a heap of plausible scenarios for bigness leaning on the computer’s calculations… I particularly like the look of the great arc of fetch the WAMs are showing bending down from a region east of Fiji into the northern Tasman Sea for early next week.

If that comes together, we could be in for some very juicy swell along the entire east coast. But for now, you really need to be somewhere other than the east coast. SA and far west Vic look a good possibility if you don’t mind a lot of wind. And SW WA looks promising for the weekend…

Happy 4th of July to our numerous friends checking in from the US of A today!

Go well, stay happy and get involved!

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