Jul 06 2007

Huey’s back at it!

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Hello Friends,

When I clocked off at midnight last night, it was still flat in Sydney. But just over the horizon, Huey was hammering and while most of us slept, he pounded the juice levels from zero to head high plus in just eight hours. The good news is that the straight south swell doesn’t look as though it’s peaked either (often when they spike up this quickly, they die as fast). It’s still about 4 metres with a juice setting of 11 seconds down at Eden, while it’s still averaging a little over three metres at around 10 seconds up here. While there are many factors in play, my take is that we’ll have gradually building set power through the day.

We’re due to have stiff 20-333 kts W/SW winds for most of the day, but the general trend is for them to settle back a bit in the afternoon. The models and the Bureau agree that the swell will peak overnight and start to fade tomorrow – but there should still be surf for Sydney.

I’ll pretty obviously be keeping an eye on things for you through the day, and who knows, I may even get out and about to shoot a bit of it as well.

Have yourself a top day!


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