Jul 06 2007

It’s all happening at Winki Pop

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Winkipop goes off…

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As the swell kicked into gear this morning, it was a tough call as to where a Northern Beaches surfer should go. I’ve been out at Dee Why a heap of times recently, so I wanted to give that a rest – despite it obviously being one of the spots for a wave this side of the bridge.

Opted for Fairy Bower instead, even though I knew the south swell would be an issue…

Fair number of people in the water by the time PB and I made it out the back. And, as expected, the south was mostly pushing past. Other spots were bigger but the Bower had the virtue of being relatively easy to paddle out to and there was at least the hope of a wave. As it happened I only caught one. Worst result for me in a long, long time. Fortunately though, that will fade into memory, while this video clip will still be around to enjoy later!

As you’ll see when you watch it, the most interesting stuff was coming through Winki. There were some waves at Deadmans, but it would’ve been a long paddle to go up and shoot them, and they really didn’t look as interesting as Winki.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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