Jul 10 2007

More waves, but messy & cold

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There is presently a moderate to heavy swell about the coast and whilst this should gradually ease over the next day, a large swell is forecast to approach the central and northern coastal parts overnight Wednesday in association with the Tasman Sea low.

Hello Friends,

Energy levels are well into the surfable range this morning, but that 10-15kt SW’ly is damn cold to begin with. One keen chappie was in the water at Dee Why point when I looked around 0830. As you can see from the pic I took, the size is quite reasonable. The problem, apart from the freezing wind, is that the swell is pretty jumbled up and messy. There are clean sections in amongst it, but it was pretty consistent when I watched, so I’d guess there was a fair amount of scrambling to be done for each catchable one.

The MHL buoy shows that the 9sec SSE pulse peaked yesterday afternoon, but that it’s still around the three metre mark out at sea. Having that touch of east to it, should see a few more surf options than were it straight south.

According to the Bureau, the S-SW wind should ease back a little this morning, but come back pretty hard in the afternoon.

Outlook for tomorrow is for the swell to throttle back a bit, but it won’t be anything like flat. The wind will be about the same as today.

And then there is Thursday…

The models have been unwavering on their call for a significant pulse to arrive from the SE. And the wind forecast remains favourable too with the Bureau currently saying it’ll be 10-20kts SW on the day. I guess I better make sure my cameras’ batteries are all charged up…

Go well with your day!

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