Jul 11 2007

Looking clean to start…

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Hello Friends,

My excuse is I stayed up late working, what’s yours? If you’d been down at Dee Why before 0830, you’d have found glassy, chest to head high conditions and, here’s the weird part, uncrowded to boot. Where are all the kids off school? Maybe down in the snow? It’s a mystery. Big wodge of grey, rainy looking stuff is now pushing in from the south, but there’s nothing showing on the radar, so while the light won’t be as nice, the waves should still be happening. 15-20 kts SW wind right now and the Bureau says it’ll carry on much this way through the day, ie the wind should hang around at the same general strength and the swell settings ought to remain pretty much as they are.

Have to quote the Bureau summary again. Those of you who read our man in New Zealand’s updates yesterday, will find this interesting.
“Synoptic Situation
A southwest to southerly air flow persists in the Tasman Sea circulating around a deep low over the northern tip of New Zealand. Cloud associated with this feature is tracking back towards us and should result in the formation of a trough off the coast on Thursday, developing into a low off the central coast on Friday. It is likely to result in strong to possibly gale force winds, easing into the weekend as the low moves slowly away. A pulse of large swell is expected to move towards the coast on Thursday but overnight computer forecasts are suggesting that it might ease off a little more than previously thought.”

As the Bureau says, the models have been moderating in their outlook as this complex batch of weather plays out. The size at sea the models say, should stay about where it is right now (ie 2-4 metres), but the period should improve from the present 9 seconds on average to around the 12 second mark.

With luck we should be seeing the forerunners from that in the mix by late today and overnight.

The wind is due to kick up into the 20-30 kt range, so the light winds that had been a feature of the computer model forecasts a few days ago are off the board now I’d say.

Go well with your day!


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