Jul 12 2007

Energy levels kick into high gear…

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Hello Friends,

Thar she blows mateys!

Huey has dialled up the power settings in the last four hours along most of the east coast. Yesterday at this time it was averaging around 8 seconds at about 2.5 metres from the SSE; now it’s averaging around 11 seconds from the SE. The swell height hasn’t really changed much at all, so it’s quite a good example of why period is so important to surfin’ calculations. However, the Bureau confirms what the models have been saying, namely that we should be seeing an increase in swell heights at sea as the day goes along.

So, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get smaller today!

It shouldn’t need saying really, but just in case you beginners were thinking of having a go – don’t!

Wind is now out of the west at around 10kts, and the Bureau says it’ll stay at about that pace through the day.

I might get out and about with my camera to see what I can find to share… 😉

It looks like the energy levels should build through today and then start falling off tomorrow and into the weekend.

Go well with your day!

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