Jul 15 2007

Last day of hols, and some waves to be had

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Hello Friends,

As anticipated, the swell continues to fade, but it’s not flat. Really, we’re just more into typical conditions for this time of year, ie some waist to chest high things coming in at spots that take south swell. Reasonable crew is in the water at one such place, namely Dee Why beach, just north of the club. Nothing amazing, but even though the period is now down to a fairly gutless 8 seconds, the fact that it’s averaging a couple metres out at sea (with the odd 3 metre swell + sea), means that you can still get the occasional fun section.

I’ll get out and about later this morning for another look around, but I’m half hoping not to find anything much worth shooting because I still have a helluva a backlog of editing. Right now the list looks something like this: Magic Monday Bilgola to Bower, International Surfing Day (we had good waves), South Narra 13 July and South Narra 14 July. Plus I think there’s a pretty good day at Dee Why point in there too… oh, and then there’s the half hour or so of 16mm I shot of Michael Peterson that I’ve been meaning to get out to the world as well…

Sigh. If anyone can send me details of how to clone myself, I’d appreciate it!

Outlook for the rest of today is for things to bumble along much the same wave wise. The Bureau says the SW wind could pick up a bit more through the day too. Tomorrow I’d expect the swell energy to click down another notch or two, but the Bureau and the long range models reckon they can see Huey going back into his shed for another dirty great hammer so that he can give the swell machine a belt. As the Bureau forecast notes: “A strong cold front should cross the coast overnight Tuesday/early Wednesday and see strong winds return with a low pressure system likely to develop in the Tasman Sea on Wednesday.” The models are calling for a 3-5 metre, 11 sec south for late Thursday into Friday… so yours truly could be back on the hunt for more vid around then!

Speaking of vid, if any of you have put together a few clips and would like to share them with your fellow RealSurfers, just send me the youtube (or whatever) code and if I agree, I’ll see they get posted in our news section. Apart from quality (and I’ve set the bar at a pretty modest level), the soundtrack needs to be legit.

Awright, go forth and enjoy the last Sunday of school hols!

South Narra massive Sth Narrabeen gets massive!

The biggest, cleanest day seen at South Narrabeen in a very, very long time…

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On 12 July 2007, a powerful SE swell hit Sydney. Most places were just too big to surf, but one spot on the Northern Beaches was firing – South Narrabeen (aka Gardens). Typically a mainly small and undistinguished beachbreak, it was a doing a very passable imitation of Puerto Escondido. I was able to shoot a little video as PB took on the stills shooting duties. Hope you enjoy it!

…oh yeah… while it was smaller, it was pretty good the next day … I shot that too … and then there was the day after that… yep! All for you to look forward to!

Say! Speaking of things to look forward to, thanks to the wonder of PayPal you can now shout me a beer, a coffee or enough for another DV tape. So c’mon, ain’t I been good to ya? 😉 G’on, kick a little encouragement/thanks into my futurevideo fund! No set amount expected, no amount rejected, anything and everything will be gratefully received. Cheers!

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